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Initial Consultation

We normally ask clients to send us images of the proposed job so we can get a sense of the scale and type of work required. If necessary, we will arrange a convenient time to scope the job at your location so we can discuss your preferences. We will then provide a free, no-obligation quote. 


Before we start any onsite work (e.g. spraying of kitchen carcasses, built in furniture etc), we will identity as many removable parts of the job as possible e.g. kitchen cupboard doors, drawer fronts, plinths etc.

These items are taken to our spray shop in central Leeds, where we undertake work in a specialised environment, reducing the disruption to your home.


Onsite Prep

We remove hinges, screws and other fixings as necessary. We thoroughly mask off any areas we want to protect from paint spray. We prepare paintable areas using abrasive materials so that the paint will ‘key’ to the surface, forming a durable bond.



Once the area is fully prepared, we begin the painting process.​ We start by applying specialist primer paints to create a durable base coat. Next, we rub down the base coat to create a smooth surface, ready for the top coat. We then build up the top coat until we achieve the desired finish.

​When the top coat is touch-dry, we carefully remove the masking materials to reveal the finished surfaces. Finally, we return with any previously removed items and reinstate them to complete the units.


Our Process

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