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How long does the process take?

This depends on the size and type of job. When spray painting a kitchen, the process is made up of three key stages and will normally be completed within a week:


  • Stage 1: Removal of doors and drawer fronts and on-site spraying. Usually completed within one day.

  • Stage 2: Spraying of doors and drawers. Takes place in our central Leeds spray shop. Usually 2-3 days.

  • Stage 3: Reinstatement of doors and drawers and any final adjustments. Less than a day.

Do you offer any advice on paint types?

Yes. Our team has a wealth of experience of paint types, colours and processes. We will always be straightforward in our answers and give you the best advice we can.


We can colour-match to any paint colour, to a high degree of accuracy. If the chosen colour is not already on our system, we will take a colour sample and have the paint mixed to match the sample. Paint can be mixed to various sheen levels, depending on your preference.


The paint products we use are very durable and have lasting colour integrity. We use different paint products for interior and exterior jobs. We only ever use paints from our own trusted manufacturers, who have well-earned reputations for quality and integrity and are regarded as the best in the business.


Will I need to do anything before you arrive?

Yes, there's a bit of preparation to do before we arrive. We’ll explain this in more detail when we meet with you prior to the work commencing:


  • All paintable surfaces must be cleared to facilitate masking and paint coverage.

  • Adjacent areas should be cleared and, where possible, items in the spray area removed to another room.

Will I be able to use the room you are working in?

Once on-site spraying is complete and we’ve removed the masking materials and our equipment, the room will be fully useable again.


Should I be worried about paint fumes in enclosed areas?

We use extractor fans to aid ventilation of the work area. Wherever possible, we isolate the work area from other areas, using drop cloths and masking materials to limit the spread of paint fumes. We recommend ventilating the work area after we’ve left, while the paint is curing.


When will you return the items that have been worked on in your spray shop?

We will usually return the completed items within a week.


Is any aftercare required?

Very occasionally it’s necessary for us to return to site to repair minor defects. In the unlikely event that this should happen we will of course return ASAP to address any snags.

Is the work guaranteed?

Our paint finishes are guaranteed for 5 years

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